acoustic "colors": SUMMARY

Dr. L. Jacob Herberg lherberg at
Tue Mar 28 08:04:42 EST 1995

I suspect Michael Kisley's original plea for human
analogues of bat echolocation or echo-perception
can be easily answered by referring him to any out-of-date
medical student's guide to clinical examination, and
referring to the pages on Percussion (tap-tapping on 
one's own fingers placed firmly against the patient's
torso or even on his skull). Skill came only with experience,
it could not be imparted with words (so we were told)
but the sound and sensed vibes could differentiate,
in skilled hands, between say caseation, fluid or
an oatcell carcinoma (the cytology not to be relied on).  
See also Dennett et al on What it's Like to be a Bat. It's a 
deep philosophical question, or so it seems. 

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