Temporary hearing loss

Susan Moreland smorelan at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Wed Mar 29 15:28:47 EST 1995

>>From BIOSCI-REQUEST at net.bio.net Wed Mar 29 13:39:24 1995
>Perhaps someone can explain this phenomena.  Yesterday I experienced a
>bi-lateral hearing loss with no APPARENT cause.  This has happened before and
>typically last anywhere from eight hours to two days.  During this time I also
>am more sensitive to loud sounds even though my hearing threshold has shifted
>significantly.  The loss is similar to when changes in atmospheric pressure
>occur (air travel, elevators, driving up/down hills), but in this case I am
>unable to "clear" (equalize the pressure).  I also experience this loss for a
>period typically thirty to sixty seconds when I get up and walk after sitting
>for a couple of hours.


>Stan Jaffe
>stanj at sr.hp.com

Do you have an ENT?  If so, I would pay him/her a visit ASAP.  If you don't
have one I would ask your audiologist for a recommendation.

It's impossible to say what exactly is going on with you without doing a
complete examination.  It may be nothing to worry about, but on the other
hand it could indicate a problem that really should be taken care of.

I know that's not much help, but I think it's the best that can be done in
cyberspace since I'm not a proponent of e-doctoring.

Best of luck to you!
smorelan at magnus.acs.osu.edu

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