Temporary hearing loss

Stan Jaffe stanj at sr.hp.com
Wed Mar 29 11:26:04 EST 1995


Perhaps someone can explain this phenomena.  Yesterday I experienced a
bi-lateral hearing loss with no APPARENT cause.  This has happened before and
typically last anywhere from eight hours to two days.  During this time I also
am more sensitive to loud sounds even though my hearing threshold has shifted
significantly.  The loss is similar to when changes in atmospheric pressure
occur (air travel, elevators, driving up/down hills), but in this case I am
unable to "clear" (equalize the pressure).  I also experience this loss for a
period typically thirty to sixty seconds when I get up and walk after sitting
for a couple of hours.

The only clues I have is that the last loss occured shortly after eating
chocolate (which I don't normally do).  I have also heard that this type of
loss could be associated with a virus, and have had a small cold sore the last
couple of days.  However, I have had no congestion, which often results in
temporary hearing loss when I have a cold.

I have a moderate hearing loss and continual tinnitus.

Thanks for your help,

Stan Jaffe
stanj at sr.hp.com

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