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Wed Mar 29 13:19:35 EST 1995

>I would appreciate advice on one or more books that might help me 
>branch out a bit into some research areas related to audiology and 
>auditory aspects of neuroscience.  I have a PhD in psychology 
>(mathematical and neuroscience) from 1973, but have not kept up with 
>the neuroscience field since.  I am also a physicist.  I did some 
>research in very elementary aspects of single fiber coding in sensory 
>systems long ago.  I would like to get a cram course in all things 
>related to hearing, with emphasis on what is known about the more 
>distal parts of the auditory system, especially coding of information 
>from the hair cells to higher pathways and centers.  Up-to-date info is 
>especially sought.
>Can anyone help me find the book(s) to get started?  Thank you!
>Jim Chinnis

There are two books that I really like for a solid introduction to hearing

For a nice overview of the anatomy and physiology of hearing (including the
auditory pathways):  _Audition_ by Buser and Imbert. The MIT Press in
Cambridge Mass., 1992.

For a book that deals not only with basic psycophysics, but also more global
perceptual models I recommend _An Introduction ot the Psychology of Hearing_
by Brian C.J. Moore (I have the third edition, but it's possible that there
is something more recent.) Academic Press (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), 1989.

I frequently refer back to both of these books and have found them to be
very helpful.
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