Audiology text recommendations

David Friedman dhfx at
Wed Mar 29 07:57:25 EST 1995

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Jim Chinnis <p00511 at> wrote:
> .....  I would like to get a cram course in all things 
>related to hearing, with emphasis on what is known about the more 
>distal parts of the auditory system, especially coding of information 
>from the hair cells to higher pathways and centers.  Up-to-date info is 
>especially sought.
>Can anyone help me find the book(s) to get started?  Thank you!
>Jim Chinnis

You could start with the book by Jim Pickles, "Introduction to the
Psychology of Hearing" (2nd edition, unless there's a 3rd out by now).

There's also an "Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing" by Brian
Moore, but it's written at an undergraduate level. Both from Academic Press.

Does anyone know of any other texts, possibly more recent?


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