Help! Tips for Tinnitus!!!

Ben Lauter bl003c at
Fri Mar 31 00:45:52 EST 1995

I have a mild case, very, VERY mild, of Tinnitus.  I have never experienced
discomfort really at concerts, but I ALWAYS wear earplugs.  All of a sudden,
out of the blue, it starts increasing very recently, for no reason that I
can think of.  I can't really notice it unless I really concentrate and
sometimes if the room is really silent.  I haven't gone to shows for months.

Please, if anyone has information.  I take good care of my hearing, but bad
things seem to happen to me.  Does anyone know how to CLEAN ears
effectively?  I think maybe the earplugs are also pushing wax in the ars,
and I really don't clean the inside of the ear because I don't know how to,
so I'm sure there is excess wax in there.

Sorry to bug you people, thank you.


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