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Wed Nov 1 04:47:16 EST 1995

>Normally a hearing aid of this nature would not be introduced until all 
>alpha and beta testing is finished and the product is actually on the 
>warehouse shelf ready for shipment! The comments I heard in Hamburg were 
>more along the line that Oticon is wanting to impress prospective and 
>present stockholders about their company and this is one way of doing it.
>What is the exact status of the DigiFocus hearing aid? Will it be on the 
>market yet this year? If not, when in 1996 can it be expected? If not then, 
>is it possible it will not be available until 1997 (as one of Oticon's 
>competitors stated)?
Fact about Oticons digital hearing instrument DigiFocus
DigiFocus has already been in 4 major internal field tests. In November 
series of external field tests with international audiology researchers 
will begin. Therefore Oticon had to inform the public in order to comply 
with the ethical rules of the stock exchange. 
DigiFocus instruments will be available for sale in the first half of 1996 
depending on local approval procedures.
The launch of digital hearing instruments will start a new era in hearing 
health care. Digital hearing instruments will change the perception of 
hearing instruments from handicap devices into modern communication 
Oticon will welcome digital instruments from other manufacturers. We see 
the introduction of these devices as a win win situation to the benefit of 
the hard of hearing.
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Oticon A/S, Denmark. Peter Mark

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