Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Marcia L. Finke finkeml at TTOWN.APCI.COM
Fri Nov 3 10:56:07 EST 1995

As a new Internet subscriber, I did not know how to write into your 
newsgroup; therefore, I am writing to the e-mail address.  I am an 
industrial hygienist at a large company who is currently trying to revise 
our current Hearing Conservation Program.  Are they any audiologists or 
other hearing professionals out there who have opinions regarding annual 
audiometric testing on employees who are not routinely exposed to >85 dB 
TWA, but MAY be exposed infrequently (here and there) when situations 
arise (e.g., plant malfunctions) where they would be out there working on 
something all day--with hearing protectors.  I would be most grateful to 
get anyones opinion on this matter. I cannot find discussion of this in 
any text or article.  Thank you, finkeml at

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