Resound Power hearing aid and children

Scott A. Mercer samercer at
Mon Nov 6 17:05:01 EST 1995

dehahn at (Christofer deHahn) wrote:
>My profoundly deaf 4.5 year old is going to be starting a trial with the
>Resound Power hearing aids soon. He has a 90dB PTA and uses his residual 
>hearing well. His current aids are Phonak PicoForte PPC-P set at 60DB of 
>I've searched the net for info but came up empty. I'd appreciate any info 
>on these aids, both technical and anecdotal, especially regarding fitting 
>them to young children. I've already applied for the second mortgage on 
>the house 8^).


I am an employee of ReSound Corporation. I have talked with various
people in the organization, and I was told that you should contact:

Sol Barros
1-800-582-4327 x207

and she'll get you as much information as she can. Thanks for choosing

Scott A. Mercer
Senior PC Administrator
ReSound Corporation

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