more NOAH...

Shelley Duncan shellrd at
Wed Nov 8 09:48:36 EST 1995

It occurred to me that if I ask some more specific questions that I may 
get more responses to my informal "NOAH survey".  (thanks to everyone who 
has responded thus far!  the information has been extremely helpful!)  
Here's a list of things that I (and my fellow students) are curious about:
1.  what type of setting are you in (i.e. private practice, hospital, etc.)?
2.  how long have you had the NOAH system?
3.  what do you have that is compatible with NOAH as far as fitting 
modules, computer driven audiometers, office management systems, etc???
4.  do you feel that NOAH has been a beneficial addition to your 
practice? why?
5.  a reasonable estimate of cost of obtaining this system?
6.  anythig you would like to see added/changed about NOAH?
7.  How are you mainly using NOAH in your practice?
8.  any other relevant information you can think of...

Thanks so much for your help and input!		shelley duncan

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