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Fri Nov 10 09:02:45 EST 1995

On 10 Nov 1995, Jeffrey G. Sirianni wrote:

> In article <47rnv5$6fi at news.cc.utah.edu>, Loren.Randolph at m.cc.utah.edu (Loren Randolph) says:
> is at approximately 10 dB across the board.  What is interesting is that she
> says she does not really notice any change in her hearing.... If she basically
> grew up with such a loss, does anyone have any comments on why she does not
> notice much of a change...
correlational opponent-processing.

   The following is available by FTP:
   Note: this is Unix system which is case sensitive.
   login: anonymous
   password: (your email address)
   cd Chaos-Complexity
   get BlueBlue-OpponentProcessing.txt

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