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>I am looking for a good source of information on the latest technology
>used in hearing aids. My audiologist has suggested that I start
>considering the eventuality of needing a hearing aid. 
>Thank you.

Well I think the answer depends on how much reading you want to get into.
The "hottest" hearing aids of today are the programmable ones.  Using a PC
or programming unit, your "prescription" can be written onto a microchip
within the hearing aid.  As your hearing changes, the prescription can be
modified.  I would suggest going to someone that offers a selection of
programmable aids.  Ask to try different ones for a week or so, then decide
which one you like most.  The processing schemes used by programmable
instruments are different across manufacturers.  You may also want to think
about a completely-in-canal (CIC) device... Some can also be programmable...

Ask your audiologist for technical information provided by the manufacturer.
I fit a retired professor recently and he was encouraged and informed about
the aid/circuit he had ordered because he read about it while we were waiting
for his order to come in....


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