HearWHAC HearWHAC at
Sat Nov 11 14:46:35 EST 1995

While in Hamburg at the Acousticians Congress I noted that NOAH is very 
popular in Europe. But the same companies that use it in Europe appear to be 
avoiding it in America. I understand the reason is that the NOAH companies 
are trying to use it as a "profit center" instead of making it into a 
standard for the world to use.

This reminds me of Apple not opening up the architecture of their computers 
to others. As a result, their sales are now fluctuating from seven to nine 
percent of the total market - and that percentage is going down.

Hopefully, the American companies will be able to find a standard that is 
"open" so that everyone can use it and it is not so expensive! I understand 
that Qualitone has already submitted such a proposal! Who knows, their 
"standard" might become the new "IBM compatible"!

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