non-organic hearing loss

Cool an417702 at
Sat Nov 11 21:35:01 EST 1995

>Any one out there have any suggestions/experiences with non-organics?  Any
>tests you'd recommend?  Thanks in advance!
>Diana Sowers, future audiologist
Non organic children are best tested( IMHO) with speech stimuli. If you give
her the instructions and she obeys them, you have won half the battle. If
she is a monaural non-o then a simple speech Stenger gets her. You must be
careful, though, not to tip your hand or scold her if you find she is faking. Put it
down to not understanding the procedure and needing further instruction. It is
possible that the abstraction of pure tone identification has confused her. Do
not give her instructions louder than 25dB to start, though, so as not to give
her a loudness comparison. Good luck, and remember to always begin testing
children with speech. It is easy, it is effective, it is non-threatening and it is
effective. (particularly with girls 9-12 {premenarchal})

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