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Tue Nov 14 15:48:00 EST 1995

On 11 Nov 1995 lkatsiotas1 at wrote:
> Can anyone help me?
> I am looking for information for a family member who must make a decision
> regarding the implantation of a cochlear implant for her 3-year-old child.
> The mother is a hearing person.
> We are primarily concerned with  getting information on the opinion of the deaf
> culture and on feedback from parents who have gone through a similar
> experience.
> Thanks,
> Lkatsiotas1 at
I read some research about 3 years ago where the nerves in the cochlear
were totally destroyed with an antibiotic in rats then retenic acid and
nerve growth factor hormone were put in the cochlear and the nerve cells
were made from other cells and the hearing system completely rewired
up with 

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