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> There was some discussion some time back about graduate programs in
> audiology.  Questions such as program characteristics and such were
> raised and no one had any comments on resources to turn to.  I have
> come across a pair of ASHA publications that may help those of you
> who are actively looking into graduate programs....
> Handbook of Research Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders:
> A Guide for Program Directors, Research Mentors, and Prospective Ph.D.
> Students. (1994)
> - Available via ASHA
> Selecting a Doctoral Research Program in Communication Sciences and
> Disorders, (1994)
> - Available via ASHA
> Copies available by contacting
> Fulfillment Operations
> American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
> 10801 Rockville Pike
> Rockville, MD  20852
> Jeff

You can also go to your friendly neighborhood college library and
ask the reference desk (if you don't know where it is--I didn't!)
to see Peterson's Guide.  Sorry, I don't know the full title, but
it has a listing of all the colleges in the U.S. (alphabetical by
university name) that offer programs, listed under the type of
program.  For example, I believe Audiology and SLP are listed under
Health programs.  Peterson's gives such information as where the
school is located, how much it costs a year (in state/out of state),
how many were accepted out of how many applied, faculty to student
ratio, degree(s) offered, and where to write for more info.  Some
schools even have email addresses of head faculty members, and the
research concentration at those schools.

If you're even more industrious, you can check out the world wide
web listing of colleges offering degrees as both undergraduates
and graduates.  Of course I don't have the exact URL handy at the
moment (the *one* day I leave it at home...), but if you connect
to, it will link you to the
proper site.  This site is also a hotbed of audiologic information, 
and seems to be growing everyday!  (hey, when are OAEs going to be
linked??) :)  Unfortunately, from what I've seen, not *all* the
schools who have web sites and offer Aud/SLP degrees are listed
under this heading.  I linked up to a site that had all the colleges
in the U.S. and found others (ones that I specifically was looking at
applying to).  I can't give this site as it was a specific link to
our school and I don't know the URL off-hand.  But if you really
would like to see it, email me and I can find out!

Hope this helps!

-Laura Braz
James Madison University,  Harrisionburg, VA
Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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