Is digital programming a secret for hearing aids?

Rice Cube tching at
Wed Nov 15 19:20:04 EST 1995

	I'm seeking information regarding the protocol
used to program digitally programmable hearing aids.  I
noticed the PMC (Programmable MultiChannel) system from
Siemens exists and programs 32+ different brands of
hearing aids.  Being the curious student that I am, I'm
wondering how they obtained the protocols for each brand
of aid.
1) Did they buy each one and reverse engineer?
2) Is it public information on what the protocol 
   and electrical specs are to program each device?
3) Do you know where I can find the same info?
	Any info would greatly be appreciated.
Tracy Ching
(replace the # with the "at sign" - it doesn't work
 on this keyboard :(        )

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