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Thu Nov 16 13:27:37 EST 1995

In <Pine.SOL.3.91.951114125732.9275A-100000 at> Shelley
Duncan <shellrd at> writes: 
>Does anybody have any information about the fig6 fitting system (for 
>k-amp) by mead killion?  I have a friend who is doing a project on it and 
>can't find much information.  It's not actually out on the market, as I 
>understand it... but if you happen to know anything about it, please let 
>me know!  Thanks!

Again, according to my sources:
"There was a version that was fairly crude, and a new version was
released at the ADA convention in Myrtle Beach about a month ago which
is supposed
to be significantly improved although we haven't tried it. Copies are
available by calling 708-228-0006 (Mead's company is called Etymotic
Research). Qualitone's Prophet Hearing Aid Fitting System implements an
automatic FIG6 algorithm. By the way Mead prefers FIG6 to fig6."


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