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>>In article <484s49$4v8 at>, erc at (Eric
Smith) says:
>>>3.  Are there special earmolds available that solve the feedback
>>>    problem even in the most difficult cases without causing more
>>>    problems such as sore ears etc.?
>>I would like to hear from others on this question.... I have seen
>>comfortproblems with a few patients using full-shell soft material
>>molds... Can one control discomfort and feedback by moving to a harder
>>material ??

>Even our adults usually prefer the soft molds in most cases.  The
>exception would be geriatric patients who sometimes have more
>difficulty manipulating the soft molds for insertion and prefer
>hard materials.

This seems to be the realm in which I have the most trouble.  I can stop the
problem of feedback, but have older patients return complaining of soreness.
It seems that the ear canals of these patients are so very sensitive to soft
materials.  One way that I have dealt with this problem is to have patients
with severe losses use a dab of antibiotic ointment as a lubricant when
inserting their earmolds.  It helps and also keeps the sore spots in the
canals from getting infected.  I have tried to modify these earmolds using a
diamond bit on my grinder, and it works, but it is pretty hard to do.  One
can easily destroy the smoothness of the natural material.

>It seems to me I remember someone posting to this group earlier
>about the Patriot mold from All American Labs (i think).  That is >supposed
to be a very comfortable soft mold that helps prevent
>feedback but I haven't had experience with it.

I will try this option for my next patient needing a full shell earmold.

>Hope this is helpful.


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