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>Does anybody have any information about the fig6 fitting system (for 
>k-amp) by mead killion?  I have a friend who is doing a project on it and 
>can't find much information.  It's not actually out on the market, as I 
>understand it... but if you happen to know anything about it, please let 
>me know!  Thanks!

Interesting you should ask! Mead spoke at the 40th Annual Congress of 
Hearing Aid Acousticians in Hamburg, Germany last month about FIG6. Shelley, 
if you will email me your address at Purdue I will send you a copy of his 

The name FIG6 comes from Figure 6 of his article, "Three Types of 
Sensorineural Hearing Loss," The Hearing Journal, November, 1993, which your 
friend can most likely find in the Purdue Library.

Mead also has a software program and he will probably mail you a disk with 
it on it if you will write to him. His address is Etymotic Research, 61 
Martin Lane, Elk Grove, IL 60007.

Paul :-)

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