Loudness decay

Cool an417702 at anon.penet.fi
Sat Nov 18 10:02:44 EST 1995

In article <48h9is$31j at hollywood.cinenet.net>, erc at cinenet.net (Eric Smith) says:
>What is the significance of fading/decay of loudness when hearing
>a particular tone?  If the person hears the tone, which remains
>at a steady loudness, but if the person hears it as gradually
>fading, till it seems to be completely gone, while in reality it's
>still as loud as it was all along, what is the significance of
>that?  What if you interrupt the tone for a fraction of a second,
>and the person hears it as coming back on at full loudness as a
>result of that interruption?  How common or rare is that kind of
>symptom, and what kind of things can cause it?

I would strongly suggest that you talk to an otolaryngologist about this 
symptom as soon as possible. The symptoms you describe, which I'm sure
you already know the answer to, are those of an acoustic neuroma. Is this 
some sort of graduate school project, to put online questions with obvious
answers to see how the audiological community responds? If so,
your straight line question, right out of Davis & Silverman, belies your
pre-knowledge. Nice try.

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