Otoacoustic Emissions Tests

susan moreland smorelan at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Sat Nov 18 19:30:36 EST 1995

In article <48kso1$epf at news.infi.net> an417702 at anon.penet.fi (Cool) writes:

>In article <48h8n5$2c5 at hollywood.cinenet.net>, erc at cinenet.net (Eric Smith) says:
>>What are otoacoustic emissions tests for?
>Selling more useless equipment to gullible audiologists.
>I suspect, however, that the video-otoscope has eclipsed OAE
>sales, at least for the past year.
>"what fools these mortals be...."

my, my... are we having a bad day? 

i have used OAE's to substantiate the claims of veterans who were requesting 
compensation based on claims of tinnitus.  while the results would not enable 
to me say "yes, s/he definitely has tinnitus", i was at least able to say that 
the OAE results were or were not commensurate with the patient's case history 
and primary complaint.

i wouldn't say that they are completely "useless".


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