Otoacoustic Emissions Tests

Cool, by way of chollevo at pacifier.com Catherine Hollevoet an417702 at ANON.PENET.FI
Sun Nov 19 14:46:16 EST 1995

In article <48h8n5$2c5 at hollywood.cinenet.net>, erc at cinenet.net (Eric Smith)
>What are otoacoustic emissions tests for?
Selling more useless equipment to gullible audiologists.
I suspect, however, that the video-otoscope has eclipsed OAE
sales, at least for the past year.
"what fools these mortals be...."

I disagree. I use OAE several times a week and find the information very
useful. I use it with DD kids who can't respond for conventional testing to
rule out significant hearing loss. I use it for screening infants and I use
it on malingering "5th" graders. I am also looking forward to getting a
video otoscope.

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