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Wed Nov 22 00:35:27 EST 1995

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>I just filled out the survey that was sent out by ReSound.  It made me
>think. Don't worry, I'm OK now.  Anyway, I would be interested in seeing
>the results, and doubt they will be available from ReSound.  A number of
>the questions were very important Q's relating to day-to-day issues that
>happen in dispensing practices.  I would love to see one of the journals
>pick up on the questions and do a survey among readers and publish the
>The questions were comparative between different manufacturers.  I'm sure
>ReSound uses the questions to see where they stand in comparison to other
>companies.  When I looked at the results of my own survey, it put things
>into perspective as to why I think about ordering hearing aids from one
>company, and why I automatically order from others.
>It's just a wish..
>Happy Thanksgiving!

Sounds like an interesting survey. Care to share it with those of us who 
don't use the ReSound?

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Why don't you come and have turkey with us?

Dad ;-)
And regarding the wish, like I always told you, you look for the first star 
to appear in the sky and...

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