otoacoustic emissions

Cool an417702 at anon.penet.fi
Wed Nov 22 22:22:30 EST 1995

>The above comment shows what is wrong with Audiology today........If it
>doesn't have to do with hearing aid sales, it isn't worth having.

I made no reference to hearing aid sales.
  What ever happened to audiologists being interested in the patient's TOTAL
>auditory system of which we still have alot to learn?   Audiologists are
>becoming too dependent on hearing aids.  

Which has nothing to do with the thread.

That is a dangerous position to
>hold, basing a whole profession upon the sale of one product.

In your opinion it is "dangerous". Can't other people hold different views?

>     Otoacoustic emissions have opened the door to many new developments
>in the understanding of the auditory system.  Pick up a journal and learn
>about the advances being made.

Name one.
> Hears2U (David) 

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