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In article <497vsh$c4o at>, an417702 at (Cool) says:
>In article <497tsi$4h9 at>, hngbiker at (HNGBIKER) says:
>>As a subscriber to this "professional" usegroup, I would appreciate it if
>>everyone who posts a message would provide some identification other than
>>one word aliases. There have been several postings from someone who calls
>>him/herself "Cool". Who are you and what is your affiliation?
>>By the way, this doesn't apply if Cher or Sting responds, which would
>>indeed be cool.

I have to agree here... It would be courteous for all contributing members
of this newsgroup to provide their given names somewhere in the post, either
in the address or in a sigline.

>No offense, but who are you?????

I really don't think that this is called for... If you want to stoop to
this level, you can lurk around the alt. domain and start flame-wars there
for fun.... Please keep it out of bionet.audiology.  If you have a personal
problem with someone, take it up via private email.  Thanks for your

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