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>> >No offense, but who are you?????
>> I really don't think that this is called for...   If you have a personal
>> problem with someone, take it up via private email.  Thanks for your
>> cooperation.
>> Jeff Sirianni     @(((<{

>Hey Jeff, lighten up. This guy seems to be joking. I, for one, don't
>mind a little levity from time to time. Your "seriousness" could
>easily drive people away from the group. I agree that insults, etc. should be
>curbed, but this guy Cool seems to be only mocking Howard's question.
>I know Howard Gutnick, but I would think that few from outside
>Virginia would. (Of course, he may be nationally famous and I am
>just uninformed.

>Michael Ridenhour

Oh, I'm just a firm believer of "nipping it at the bud", so to
speak.  In fact, I've been a flame-thrower and a target in the
past in other newsgroups, and all it does it turn everyone off
in the newsgroup...

Did not intend to be too serious, I just want to keep those casual
lurkers from becoming disenchanted with bionet.audiology...

Well it must be all that turkey I ate over Thanksgiving... 

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