otoacoustic emissions

Michael Gorga GORGA at BoysTown.ORG
Mon Nov 27 11:04:51 EST 1995

There is a very large literature on otoacoustic emissions, including their
application to clinical problems.  Perhaps "Cool" sees no place for the
contributions being made ot our understanding of basic cochlear processes.  In 
my view, that is a mistake.  But even if one ignores all of those contributions
to the literature and restricts oneself to clinical journals and clinical
papers, I am sure that any medline search will reveal the many important
clinical applications of OAE measurements.  Here's a few to consider: newborn
hearing screening, assessment of patients with developmental delays, separating
sensory from neural problems.  

As an aside, most of us are willing to sign our names at the end of our
comments.  Everyone should do that.

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