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Dawna Lewis LEWIS at BoysTown.ORG
Thu Nov 30 09:21:58 EST 1995

>Just out of curiousity I'd like some input from around the country (and
>world) concerning involvement in dispensing salvage aids for low-income
>patients both recased ITE's and BTE's.  In Oregon we have a very active
>program sponsored by the LIONS Sight and Hearing foundation.  Do other
>states have as organized a program?  Do you use it?  Why?  Why not?
> Hears2U (David) 
In Nebraska we have 2 hearing aid banks.  The Lions sponsor one for individuals
under 65 years of age through the Nebraska Commission for the Hearing Impaired 
and the Univ. of NE-Omaha.  Sertoma sponsors one for individuals age 60 years
and over through NCHI and the Univ. of NE-Lincoln.  We use both programs
frequently for patients who are not eligible for assistance through Medicaid
but who cannot afford the cost of new HAs.  In general, we have been very happy
with the service and HAs from both programs.  Most of the aids are ITEs and
have pretty basic circuits but for patients without other options they can be a
life saver.  We also encourage patients who no longer need a particular hearing
aid to consider donating to the hearing aid bank.  
        As an aside, we also have had patients who have been able to get
hearing aids through Hear Now in Colorado, which is a national program.

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