Loudness decay

Michael Ridenhour SZFF25C at prodigy.com
Wed Nov 29 19:02:17 EST 1995

I would urge you to see an audiologist asap, or an otolaryngologist. Self 
diagnosis, as well as internet diagnosis are dangerous things. The 
symptoms you describe can be bilateral, although it is a rare phenomenon, 
and are pretty much dead on for an acoustic neroma, which is a relatively 
benign tumor, but it is located in the wrong place, inside the internal 
auditory canal, which opens into the brain. There is very little excess 
space here, so the tumor begins to displace the part of the brain closest 
to it. Eventually, loss of hearing, balance, taste, facial sensation, and 
death can result. It is very slow growing, however. You have several 
years before really nasty symptoms appear.

Or it could be something simple, and easily explained. My point is, YOU 

Sorry for shouting, but from your question, I assume you are getting hard 
of hearing already.

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