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Sun Oct 29 22:20:25 EST 1995

We have gotten into a discussion in the America Online "Hearing Aids" 
discussion group about the new Oticon DigiFocus hearing aid that is featured 
in Oticon's WWW site and was introduced at the ADA meeting and also at the 
Hamburg, Germany, Congress a week ago.

Normally a hearing aid of this nature would not be introduced until all 
alpha and beta testing is finished and the product is actually on the 
warehouse shelf ready for shipment! The comments I heard in Hamburg were 
more along the line that Oticon is wanting to impress prospective and 
present stockholders about their company and this is one way of doing it.

What is the exact status of Oticon's stock sale? Has it happened yet? If 
not, when are they scheduled to put their stock on the market for purchase?

What is the exact status of the DigiFocus hearing aid? Will it be on the 
market yet this year? If not, when in 1996 can it be expected? If not then, 
is it possible it will not be available until 1997 (as one of Oticon's 
competitors stated)?

Nothing destroys a good argument faster than the facts! What are the facts?

Paul Woodard

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