Cochlear Implant Evaluation -- Promontory Stimulation Test

Loren Randolph Loren.Randolph at
Fri Sep 1 20:50:28 EST 1995

The following info is based on about 80 stims:
1. Poking sensation is probably from promontory electrode in wrong
place, stimulating 7 or 10 cranial nerves. Need to reposition
electrode during testing until proper  (acoustic) perception attained.
2.. Short term, adaptation probably not significant, but we have
noticed that thresholds tend to rise with time. (Longest implant pt
here, with Symbion-Richards-Cochlear Corp implant = 12 years)
3. lack of ucl could relate to safeguards in stimulator, of lack of
ucl in pt. I wouldn't get real excited about it, as long as pt can
perceive increase in loudness with increase in amplitude
4. Balance problem likely related to local anesthetic.  We initially
thought that auditory (electrical) stim could cause stim of only one
side of vestibular system, thus vertigo, but it has never happened.
We do, however, keep a large trash can handy during the prom test
because of the anesthetic, and insist that the patient bring a driver.

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