Cochlear Implant Evaluation -- Promontory Stimulation Test

Loren Randolph Loren.Randolph at
Sun Sep 3 16:26:30 EST 1995

in answer to your questions:
1. see original response # 1 My monitor in front of me has a little
green light that tells me when it is on, but I still look at the
screen to make sure all is really ok. Try repositioning the probe.
2. Yup, I am here equating adaption with threshold change over time.
It has happened in many patients, but not all.  Here also I speak of
electrical threshold, which does not always relate to soundfield
threshold change.  We have not found any special pattern, which makes
it more intriguing.  We have never really looked for adaptation during
the prom tests, so can't relate it to long-term stuff.
3. Lack of ucl is very common in our pts, but please note that we have
deliberately limited equipment output at 200 ua.  We have a way of
getting around that, as described in a phD dissertation by M. Korine
Dankowski (search Medline on that, I also have some stuff out there),
but prefer not to see our pts hair start to smoke.


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