perception of direction of sounds

D.J.E Nunn d.j.e.nunn at
Fri Sep 8 09:42:02 EST 1995

As I understand it, there are three mechanisms.

-At low frequencies, the direction can be judged from the
 phase difference between the signals at each ear.
-Below 1 kHz, the direction is judged by the difference
 in arrival time.
 (At 2-3 kHz, we judge poorly.)
-Above 4 kHz, we use the intensity difference.

Front/back and up/down discrimination are poor, but
the pinna help this.

A good starting source is "The Science of Sound" by Thomas
D. Rossing. There's also a few psychoacoustics links on my
<a href=>acoustics page</a>.

		Hope this helps,

			Douglas Nunn

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