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dybala at utdallas.edu dybala at utdallas.edu
Wed Sep 13 19:23:00 EST 1995

UNCAud (uncaud at aol.com) wrote:
> Does anyone know of any hearing aid companies who have a WWW page?
> Jenn
Starkey is supposed to open up a Web Site this fall sometime.
It will be called hear net and they are talking about
letting persons get acess to thier own account  info such as
#aids sold, # returns, info on circuts  etc.  They have a lot of
different dept. working on it marketing, audiology, computer people,
etc. so I don't know how  long it will take to get it up and
running.  Right now sequel circut info is what they are pushing so we 
shall see!
Unitron, I heard has one up, but I am not for sure.

We  could create a demand by calling companies and asking if  they have one
or if they are developing one.  If they get enough calls  maybe they would
hurry up and or go "Gee, maybe the internet is useful and cost effective,
and a way to advertise and educate.  

It would be a toll free call. >;)

Thank you for your support,

Paul Dybala

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