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Wed Sep 13 19:31:58 EST 1995

SoundHrg (soundhrg at aol.com) wrote:
> I'm looking for a Hotchkiss (sp?) Otoscope.  Does anyone know who supplies
> them?  Do any of you have one laying around that you want to sell?

> Better yet, is there a better Otoscope used for cerumen management?

> Thanks,
> Dale

Hotchkiss (sp!) Otoscopes can be purchased from

Preferred Products
PO BOX 150624
San Rafael CA  94915-0624

415 499 3544
1800 4453544
fax 415 499 3551
  A Welch Allen otoscope with an open 
operating head can be  useful in that it gives you
room to put a   curette down the specula at get to the stuff with a  good
amount of illumination. But all of that stuff seems to get in the way.
I like to use a headlamp and  a currette  if I can.

BTW preferred products has a whole line of cerumen mgmt equipment
currettes, irrigators, etc, they even have a Cerumen Mugnt Starter Kit
(Oooh, Aaaah) that the ADA put together. Give em a call.

Thank you for your support,

Paul Dybala

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