Cochlea -- quality of filtering

susan moreland smorelan at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Wed Sep 20 16:13:28 EST 1995

>		My understanding is that the hair cells themselves are not 
>very specific or "selective" to particular frequencies.  That is, when a 
>particular frequency is sounded, a whole range of hair cells whose natural 
>harmonic frequencies are above and below the frequency of the sound, are 
>excited.  My recollection is that the band is very broad and fairly well 
>centered around the hair cells whose natural frequency matches that of 
>the sound.  However, the actual perception of a "frequency" occurs from 
>some filtering process in the nervous system.  This, I'm afraid, is very 
>poorly understood?  I am sure that a more precise answer to your question 
>is known but I can only surmise that the 5000Hz cells will certainly be 
>stimulated by the 6000Hz pure tone.  

i only wanted to add that the size "critical bands" are proportional to the
center frequency so that low frequency bands/filters are narrower than high
frequency ones.  this explains why we are better able to resolve, or hear
out, lower frequencies than high frequencies.

yes, i'm still working on my comps (thanks for all the help everyone!) and
one of my questions dealt with the power spectrum modeal.  i'm afraid this
particular subject is all too fresh in my mind.  ;)

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