Cochlea -- quality of filtering

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Wed Sep 20 07:48:29 EST 1995

On 20 Sep 1995, Eric Smith wrote:
> How well does the cochlea divide sound into its frequency components?
> For example, a 100 dB, 6000 Hz, pure tone, stimulates the hair cells
> for 6000 Hz.  But does it avoid stimulating any 5000 Hz hair cells at
> all, or does it stimulate those with a small fraction of the energy it
> applies to the 6000 Hz hair cells?  Can anyone supply any kind of
> formula for estimating how much stimulation there will be at different
> frequencies when a single pure tone is applied?
Interesting question.  I believe according to my model you should
observe a gaussian distribution.  If you do not please inform
me of your results.  Ron Blue

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