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Fri Sep 22 07:26:13 EST 1995


Well I would first like to thank all of you for the exciting
discussion that has been going on the last few weeks.  I'm sure
there are many people out there who are "readers only" as well
as our usual "posters".  Keep up the good work... Spread the news...

There have been numerous inquiries concerning the develpment of
a FAQ document for the newsgroup.  I have not heard back from
anyone who has gotten a FAQ in shape for regular posting.  At
this time I am asking for help in getting this going since we
have regular postings/inquiries in WWW pages across the internet.
If there is anyone out there working on a FAQ document, please
lket me ASAP, or anyone who would like to get one going.  I think
this will be a way of getting newbies up to speed with the newsgroup
and other audiology related resources on the internet...  TIA for
your help.


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University of Texas at Austin
Communication Sciences and Disorders
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