Audiogram defects (was Re: Cochlea -- quality of filtering)

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>Subject: Re: Audiogram defects (was Re: Cochlea -- quality of filtering)
>>Worse filtering seems (usually but not always) an early indicator
>>of damage or malfunction of the hair cells.  This can and does happen
>>in very narrow frequency bands.  I'm not sure what the practical
>>effect is, on a conventional audiogram, but this damage in narrow
>>bands is apparently undetectable by the subject in normal life.

>>Tony Woolf  (tony at

a widening of critical bands is often experienced by the person as reduced
speech discrimination in noise.  as the bands expand, it becomes more and
more likely that the noise will mask the signal.  there's a fairly lengthy
explanation behind that phenomeonon and it was, in fact, another of my comps

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