Audiogram defects (was Re: Cochlea -- quality of filtering)

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Sat Sep 23 10:47:43 EST 1995

On 22 Sep 1995, susan moreland wrote:
> a widening of critical bands is often experienced by the person as reduced
> speech discrimination in noise.  as the bands expand, it becomes more and
> more likely that the noise will mask the signal.  there's a fairly lengthy
> explanation behind that phenomeonon and it was, in fact, another of my comps
> questions.
Noise had been view as a double edge sword.  Reducing perception and
increasing perception.  Neuro firing are assumed to generate noise, but
the noise can be used to amplify a weak signal.  How does increase in
width in bands change the advantage created by noise for signal detection
in your opinion?  Ron Blue

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