Tom Boismier, MPH boismier at umich.edu
Mon Sep 25 08:17:59 EST 1995

In article <43v54r$akf at newsbf02.news.aol.com> asbfun at aol.com (ASB FUN) writes:

>1. Are there any great web pages related to vestibular function and

Check the Vestibular Disorders Association page at


It has lots of links to other sites.

>2. Who out there administers ENG regularly and who is really comfortable
>performing the Hallpike Maneuver with elderly patients? I am considering
>eliminating this test from the ENG battery for many of my patients. If you
>have any great tips on Hallpike, let me know.

We do 1000+ ENGs per year in our lab. Our routine is to do Hallpike's without 
head hanging on all patients 65 years or older, to avoid problems with 
carotid kinking. Any patients with complaints of neck pain, regardless of age 
will get Hallpike without neck torsion (i.e., straight back). Any patient with 
back pain gets asked "do you think this will bother your back?". Most will let 
you do it, but move slowly. That's OK though, because you can be pretty sure 
that they aren't moving much fastwer at home when they get dizzy...

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