Audiogram defects (was Re: Cochlea -- quality of filtering)

Eric Smith erc at
Tue Sep 26 17:34:39 EST 1995

In article <812053742snz at>,
Tony Woolf  <tony at> wrote:
>the experiment?  Secondly, what model of pitch perception do you
>prefer - firing rate or detection of position on the basilar membrane?
>I believe that firing rate is the currently favoured theory at least
>for pure tones below 4 to 5 kHz.  If this is right, then exactly what
>hair cell fires shouldn't affect pitch perception of pure tones much.

What is the relationship between firing rate and pitch?  I thought
there wasn't much of a relationship.  For example, a cochlear implant,
using the "Spectra" processor, has a firing rate of 180 to 250 pulses
per second on each active channel, regardless of pitch.  The different
pitches are perceived by which channels they affect.

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