Help with hearing aids

Hears2U hears2u at
Wed Apr 3 18:14:02 EST 1996

>>Dave, is Real Ear Measurement equipment valid? Should we be using it?
>>about tympanometers, audiometers, hearing aid test boxes? Should we >>be
>>them? Should everyone be fit with CPC (Ruth Bentler's term, not mine,
>>Peak Clipping) hearing aids? (They certainly are cheaper - should cost
>>more than $90 - $100 wholesale! Do you build a lot of them? Some
>>still do.)

>>Should the dispenser have a telephone? What about an office with
>>hours for service? (These are required in Iowa by a licensing board.)

>>Should dispensers be licensed by a state? Should there be any
>>requirements for dispensing hearing aids?

Paul, to this I answer....

Name any other service or product oriented group that doesn't have their
own overhead to deal with and STILL would die for even a 100% markup. 

 Hears2U (David) 

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