WTB: tty machine

Angus March VE2UFP angus at newsflash.concordia.ca
Mon Apr 15 22:58:38 EST 1996

Sorry if this is not the most appropriate place for such a post; it's the
best that I could find.
	I told a friend of mine, who works w/the deaf, that I would try to
find out something about tty machines and if I could get one cheap. She
found a place here in Montreal where they are sold, but with the small
volume they cost 500$Can. This is almost 400$US. 
	First of all, I'd like to know more about tty machines? What are the
standards? Are their any substitutes? I know that ham operators use RTTY
(Radio TTY, and yes, I am a radio amateur) are they just tty machines and a
radio? How would one find a cheaper, or second-hand tty machine?
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