Children needed for research project

Steve C steve927 at
Fri Apr 19 01:38:07 EST 1996

Steve Hoffman wrote:
> According to the 3/96 SHHH Journal, scientists at the National
> Institute on Deafness are attempting to locate the genes which cause
> hereditary hearing loss.  They're looking for families where the
> parents have normal hearing, and at least two children have had a
> profound hearing loss from an early age - excluding Waardenburg or
> Ushers syndrome.

Hi Steve,

I don't know if my two older brothers fit the bill, but both had measels when they were yound with a high 
fever. They both were pretty much half deaf shortly after.

They are 51 and 54 and I am 41 with what appears to be SIT.

I don't know if they are too old, or if they would have to answer more than a questionaire.

However, I will be telling the ENY at NYU about them on Monday, as it might be the reason for my tinnitus in 
some way.

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