Dental "deafness"?

Jan Grenner hos.grenner at
Sun Apr 21 00:36:37 EST 1996

Lois Barin wrote:

>Has anyone ever heard of a patient losing hearing when administered dental
>anesthesia?  This is a unilateral loss, affecting the side where a
>mandibular block is used (lower jaw), that recovers as the anesthesia
>wears off.

Dear Lois,

I have one patient, a 38- year old woman who experienced hearing loss
and transient vertigo immediately following the extraction of a tooth;
no. 7 in the lower jaw on the left side. There is now a permanent high
frequency loss above 1 kHz on the same side, and the higher frequencies have 
a plateau around 60 dB HL. She came to our clinic 1 month after the
A round window fistula could have been the cause but that was never confirmed 
by surgery.

There was no flucutation in the hearing loss and the vertigo disappeared
quickly. We were puzzled but could not find any references to the cause
of her hearing loss.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Grenner, MD, PhD
Medical Audiologist
Malmoe, Sweden

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