ethics request

Eric John Branda eb913892 at
Sat Apr 20 16:38:15 EST 1996

My class partner and I are Hearing and Speech majors at Ohio University 
and are doing a class presentation on Professional Ethics.  We are 
looking for some examples of any incidents or situations in the fields of 
speech-language pathology or audiology where professional ethics have 
come into question so we can present "real-life" examples to our 
classmates.  Also, if anyone has any points which you consider important 
to mention, your input would be appreciated.  Names will be kept 
anonymous.  Responses can be posted here, or emailed to either my partner 
or I at:

eb913892 at       or       mz143192 at

Thank you for your time and any responses.

						Eric J. Branda
						Mary Zavarella

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