HCFA Audiology Regulation

Gary Gams higgins at dedot.comdedot.com
Tue Apr 30 09:06:25 EST 1996

I didn't study to be an Audiologist cause that was not my goal...You don't give enough credit to the 
consumer...They do quite well with the term...I enjoy explaining what I do...I also realize when it's time to 
defer to an ENT or Audiologist...What I don't understand is this them an us idea...Is a dispensing Audiologist 
different competition then myself? Can't we all work together?  Yes the European program is much more intense 
than here but in time it may be the answer in this country...I don't mean any disrespect,  but I can test fit 
and counsel as well as any Audiologist or ENT...I don't consider your comments a flame...I enjoy discussing 
this issue...I believe both of us will be here in the future and look forward to a day when we will work 

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