Hearing Aid question

Charles J Kantor ckantor at nyc.pipeline.com
Tue Apr 30 20:05:37 EST 1996

On Apr 28, 1996 14:33:01 in article <Hearing Aid question>, 'Jordi Codina
<codina at cnm.es>' wrote: 
>Does anybody know (I suppose yes) WHY some hearing aids come with a  
>"telecoil" input? Which signal goes in through this telecoil, it means,  
>which frequencies is the coil supposed to receive? 
>Thanks for advance for answering me this question. 
>Jordi Codina 
>codina at cnm.es 
i am not an engineer  
the telecoil is designed to pick up the output of the telephone receiver
and allow the user to hear the telephone directly WITHOUT the use of the
hearing aid's mike. 
this eliminates all outside noise and feedback 
i strongly recommend it to all  
Charles J Kantor 
ckantor at pipeline.com 

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